Program Vision Workshops

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In June and July 2016, as part of  RMIT’s Learning and Teaching Innovation Initiative, all 3 colleges collaborated to develop a new process for transforming the University’s programs.

This process needed to be design-led, data-informed and take a partnered approach. To begin this process, vision workshops were held with each of the 3 colleges.

The Vision Workshops were where the design process started. To achieve a partnered approach, we involved not just teaching and professional staff from different areas at the university, but also students, alumni and industry.

The first part of the day was about uncovering insights into the current student experience. Through data, interviews, personas and more, the group identified particular challenges that could be addressed to improve the student experience. Throughout the day people communicated, share insights and learnt together. After identifying challenges, the group worked together to brainstorm, identify and test possible solutions.

By the end of the workshop, each program team had specific challenges to begin working on, and even possible solutions that had been generated in partnership with their students and industry colleagues. From here, the colleges will prioritise and continue to develop those solutions that will lead to the most impact on the student experience.