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The Innovation Team is establishing a best practice and future focused framework for the development and delivery of programs that can be scaled up for the Top 200 programs. The framework that is emerging involves a data driven approach with a deep dive into qualitative and quantitative evidence, informing the program narrative. The partnered approach using technology and collaboration as a catalyst for innovation, engages teaching and professional staff, students, alumni and industry.

The people overseeing the program development work are the College L&T Innovation Team representatives, supported by College-based project coordinators in each program-level team. Working directly with program teams to implement this framework will be: data wranglers, College ADG staff, Library, Careers and Employability, Office of Dean, Learning & Teaching, Study and Learning Centre.


  • Program transformation framework
  • Integrated monitoring and evaluation plan
  • RMIT program principles
  • Learning designs
  • Program transformation: 10 early innovator programs
  • Recommendations for scaling to transform the T200

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